Donation to a vaisnava or to a temple is the best form of charity


Your gracious contributions can help expand the our service to humanity, primarily towards

Preserving and spreading Vedic Culture | Distribution of prasadam to millions


Any contribution to promote the cause of Lord Sri Krishna yields infinite returns. So donate generously and we assure you that every bit of your donation is used in the service of Lord Sri Krishna and for propagation of this Krishna Consciousness movement.

Tulasi Archana Seva

The best way to please the Lord Sri Krishna is to offer tulasi leaves unto the His lotus feet. Let us offer archana seva on your behalf

Rs 108

Janmashtami Abhishekam Seva

The most sacred abhishekam ceremony is conducted on Sri Krishna Janmashtami night. Contribute towards this auspicious event

Rs 1008

Go Seva

Cows are very dear to Lord Sri Gopala. Contribute for feeding one of Krishna’s dear cow for one month and receive Lord’s mercy

Rs 1501

Annadana Seva

The divine prasadam of Lord Sri Krishna is served to all the visitors at every event. Receive the mercy of the Lord, by being an instrument in serving His prasadam

Rs 1001

MANDIRA NIRMANA SEVA (Temple Construction)

ISKCON is know for its service to the society primarily in preserving the Vedic culture and also for profusely distributing Krishna prasadam, be it in times of crisis or in normal period. ISKCON at Whitefield is operating from a rented place now, still helping a lot people.

For enhancing our services to the community, we need to have our own place and infrastructure. We have estimated for a 25,000 sqft of built up area with procurement of land as costing 3600 per sqft. This is a humble request to you to support us in building this temple which is a place where Lord Krishna will be worshiped and a also a center from with lot of people will get benefitted. Thank you for your help.

“Whoever constructs or helps to construct, a Vishnu Temple will protect eight generations of fathers, grandfathers and forefathers from falling into hell” -VamanaPurana


  • 2778 Sqft of 25,000 sqft is sponsored as on 7th Aug 2020 11.1% 11.1%


Donate generously and receive unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna. You can claim deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act

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