Make your weekday and weekends happier with us

Daily Morning Program

Come and immerse with us in the bliss of spirituality with our daily morning program. There is absolutely no doubt that you will be spiritually surcharged for the rest of the day after attending this program. The program starts at 4:30AM in the morning with offering of prayers to the spiritual master, followed by Narasimha prayers, Tulasi Aarti and then Japa. At 8:00AM there is Guru Puja followed by Srimad Bhagavatam class. Experience the morning program once and we assure you a blissful morning!

For detailed timings click here

Sunday ‘Love Feast’ Program

The Sunday Love Feast originated in the 60’s, when Srila Prabhupada together with his first disciples invited people to come by in the temple for bhajans (music) and prasadam (vegetarian meal). A trend was born and with that also the Sunday Love Feast. Srila Prabhupada proposed the name Sunday Love Feast as name. 

The Sunday Feast is open to everyone and completely informal. You do not have to follow the whole program. But you definitely do not want to miss the tasty prasadam!


The lecture is about our philosophy and is often from Srimad Bhagavatam. After the lecture, there is the possibility to ask questions. The lecture is mostly in English, and takes about one hour. We also invite many senior ISKCON speakers from around the country for taking lectures in our center


This is the last part of the Sunday Feast and often the most talked about. Prasadam is our famous sumptuous vegetarian meal. But what is so special about prasadam? Shortly said, we cook with love for Krishna. We prepare all the dishes ourselves and know exactly what ingredients are used. When all the dishes are ready, the food is first offered to Krishna to purify the food from karma and to spiritualise the food. After this we can enjoy the multi-course Breakfast!


The timings for Sunday Love Feast Program are below

  • 7:30AM – 8:00AM : Gurupuja
  • 8:00AM – 9:15AM : Lecture
  • 9:15AM – 9:30AM : Announcements and Narasimha Aarti
  • 9:30AM onwards : Breakfast Prasadam

Youth Activities

Our center has a very vibrant youth community and we are able to attract youths from different parts of the city because of the spiritual nourishment and environment our center provides. There are dedicated youth sessions, outstation trips to the places of pilgrimage, personal guidance and above all everlasting genuine friendships.

Evening Program

Tired from the day’s work! Come and relax and de-stress with our evening program which starts at 6:00PM. For detailed timings click here


‘The more you give Krishna, the more you get Krishna’. Vibrant community of our center regularly goes out on hari-nama sankirtana, book distribution and prasadam distribution with an aim to make the whole world Krishna Conscious. Heat, cold or rain are never deterrents. The determined devotees do everything possible to spread the holy name of Lord Krishna to the best of their abilities. Visit us and hear some Sankirtana stories of our devotees; you will be left spellbound for sure!