Bhakti Yoga

The topmost of all yoga systems

The wisdom teachings and practices presented here are the parts of the ancient system of bhakti-yoga.

Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning devotion. However, because devotion is shown in action or service, the more precise definition of bhakti is “service done with devotion to the divine”

Bhakti is our essential nature; the core of who we are as spiritual beings. Since bhakti lies within us, bhakti-yoga directs us to awaken our dormant devotion through daily spiritual practices, and also demonstrate our bhakti in every aspect of our lives –   and in every relationship.

Various kinds of yoga form a ladder leading to self-realization. Although many people do not pursue yoga beyond physical exercise, those exercises are part of a broader yoga system aimed at calming the mind to a point at which one can meditate properly. The goal of such meditation is spiritual purification and divine connection (the word yoga means connection). Thus the real purpose of yoga is spiritual.

Our nature as souls or spiritual beings is sat, cit, ananda, meaning we are eternal, full of bliss and full of knowledge. One might question that if this is my nature, why do I not always feel love and bliss? And why do I experience ignorance and fear of death? The reason is that our divine nature is not fully manifest. The practices of bhakti, especially meditation and Kirtan (the chanting taught here), reading sacred texts, associating with like-minded spiritual practitioners, and practical devotional service, gradually purify our consciousness and awaken the bhakti within us. As we make this connection, we experience more of our true nature and thus manifest more of our divine qualities.

The courses, articles and other resources here are designed to introduce you to the path of bhakti in an easy and interesting way. Please take advantage of these resources and explore for yourself the promise of bhakti-yoga.

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