Gita Course

Learn practical application of Bhagavad Gita in your day to day life offered in 9 fun filled sessions

Introduction To Gita Course by ISKCON Whitefield

Gita Course Timing and Contact

Fresh batches of Gita Course starting on 23/04/2022 at

  • ISKCON Whitefield (AECS Layout) – Time: Every Saturday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Contact: 7619688776

What you get

  • Exploring Bhagavad gita – The timeless wisdom that can solve all problems of life offered in 9 sessions
  • Lot of practical tips
  • Soul Stirring Music
  • Sumptuous Dinner
  • Finally, Never ending friendships

What you learn

Bhagavad-gita is considered the user manual of human life. As we explore Bhagavad-gita we will 

  • Understand how the world and things around us are designed to work
  • Understand various kinds of people and dealing with them
  • Understand law of action and reaction (Karma)
  • Thus understanding the root cause of everything that we go through
  • Lots of practical tips to apply Bhagavad-gita and see the results

It’s an adventure, discovery and a wonderful experience !

How it works

You can call us or write to us regarding your interest in attending Gita Course at a particular location. We will also be able to clarify any doubts that you may have. Based on availability of seats, we can help attend the course. 

Course Content

Gita Course is completed in 9 sessions, 1.5hr to 2 hrs each

  • Session 1: Introduction to Bhagavad-gita>
  • Session 2: Patchup Solution or Perfect Solution
  • Session 3: Why do i suffer – Root Cause Analysis\
  • Session 4: Art of Work – Can my work make me happy
  • Session 5: Do i need a guide in my life
  • Session 6: Regulated Lifestyle
  • Session 7: Who is pulling my strings
  • Session 8: Who is the real BOSS
  • Session 9: The Ultimate Perfection



NONE! There are no prerequisites for this course.

All you need is a willingness to give 2.5 hours every week to learn about wonderful science of Bhagavad Gita that can enhance your life forever (yes, forever!)


Gita Course Testimonial by Dr. Nagaveni

Gita Course Testimonial by Yesu

Gita Course at your apartment?

If you like to us to conduct these sessions at your apartment then we will be very pleased to consider it. Please call us or write to us regarding this.

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