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Steps to participate

  • Watch the video for simple steps to follow to participate in any of the 20 different exciting events listed below
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All the best. May Lord Krishna bless you.

Decorate your home altar (temple)

Let’s use our creativity to decorate the altar of Lord Krishna who decorates this entire creation.

Family Krishna Kirtan/Bhajans

Family that prays to Krishna together, stays together. Pour out your heart’s devotion in to a divine kirtan.

Showcase your Jhanki/Diorama

Unique opportunity to get immersed in the pastimes of Lord Krishna by recreating them. Engage your creative skills in loving service of the Lord.

Family Group Dance

When we are happy, we dance. Shall we not dance our heart out on the birthday of our beloved Krishna?

Krishna Craft

Krishna is the best craftsman, so lets try to humbly offer Him our unique craftsmanship for His happiness.

Birthday Greeting Card for Krishna

Let’s greet Krishna on His birthday to feel the complete satisfaction of heart. Use all your creativity to wish the most loving personality of our Life, Lord Krishna on his 5247th Birthday.


Let’s make our own hearts colourful by welcoming the Lord of our hearts on our love filled Rangolis.

Face painting

Let the hue on our faces remind us of Krishna’s beauty.


Let our decorated hands engage in service of the Lord this Janmashtami.

Mandala Art

Creation implies the Creator, so lets offer our creativity to Krishna. Let’s now offer our creativity in this unique form of the art.

Design on Canva.com

Express your creativity digitally and design a wonderful Instagram post for promoting Bhagavad-gita using canva.com.

Sloka recitation

It is not just competition but immense blessings to offer Lord Krishna the recitation of Bhagavad-gita Slokas on His Janmashtami

JAM Session

Every minute is precious. Let’s utilize it in speaking about Krishna.

Writing & Decorate Hare Krishna mantra in your own language

Let the same transcendental spiritual sound vibration, appear in unlimited forms and languages.


Let’s draw a picture which Krishna shall lovingly paste in His own heart. Let’s draw as an offering to Him.



Let the colour of the transcendental beauty of Krishna leave an impact on our mind, heart and soul.