Save Tax!

If you have made a donation directly to the temple (i.e. not online through this web site) then please fill up the below form to request for 80G receipt. You can claim your donation as tax exemption.

Important points to note

  1. Fill this form for each donation that you make
  2. Kindly fill the form as and when the donation is made, as we have to declare the donor details to IT Department (this will help you claim tax benefit also)
  3. If we don’t get the details, we will be forced to declare it as unknown donation and ISKCON have to pay tax on it
  4. Avoid the last minute rush at the end of financial year
  5. We generate the 80G receipts in one shot at the end of the financial year (April).
  6. We will mail the receipts for all your donations only at the end of the financial year.